SIRDI Weather Monitoring Project

Automated Weather Station

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SIRDI has collaborated with the WWF office in Belize to install, operationalize and monitor two Adcon Telemetry weather stations in northern Belize. These weather stations have the capacity to collect temperature, precipitation, global radiation, relative humidity, wind rose and wind speed. In the future it is planned to include additional instruments such as ground temperature instruments to measure soil temperature. Data are being collected and sent at intervals of 15 minutes using a GPRS system that is totally automated and powered with solar. All data is being sent to a secured server hosted by the WWF and real time data is available at In the near future all weather data will be incorporated within the national weather alert system currently being engaged by the Government of Belize. System will be used to forecast, predict and provide data to the national meteorological service, agriculture department, SIRDI and farmers in general.

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