SIMIS – Sugar Industry Management Information System

S.I.M.I.S – The Sugar Industry Management Information System

The sugar sector of Northern Belize utmost priority is currently improving sugarcane productivity to match challenges that are expected in 2017 with the removal of preferential market for the sale of sugar in Europe. The Sugar Industry Management Information System (SIMIS) can guide this process by establishing which areas are suitable for sugar cane production, determining levels of productivity and the infrastructure and management practices required to bring those areas into production with a given level of productivity.

The goal of the SIMIS is to improve the production, efficiency and profitability of the Belize sugar industry in a collaborative framework, through the development and maintenance of a SIMIS that will deliver:

1. Standardized and consistent cane parcel mapping
2. Production forecast per parcel
3. Individual farmer identification system
4. Geospatial data library


As part of its mission SIMIS will improve access, capacity to use and opportunities to use data and information among sugar industry stakeholders of Belize. For this purpose an operative unit has been created under SIRDI that remains the coordinating body of all activities related to the information system and the use of the information generated. The institutional development of SIMIS has been structured into two phases. Phase 1 includes the development of a farmer ID system, creation of a cane parcel database and the establishment of a cooperation framework among sugar industry stakeholders. Phase 2 is includes building of the SIMIS infrastructure, development of a cane estimate process, building and operating a harvest management system and the development of related proposals (Aerial & photo imagery, drainage etc.) that can be used to address other issues related to sugar cane production and efficiency.

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