IPDM Tender Dossier

SIRDI EU IPDM Laboratory Construction-Tender Dossier-SIRDI/IPDM/ITQ-005

игровые автоматы без регистрации обезьяны see url 1. Tender Dossier Modification
Volume 1, Section 1: Instruction to tenderers, General Part point number 6 SITE VISIT AND CLARIFICATION MEETING, pointer 6.1 “The minutes of the clarification meeting and the site visit will be published on the Government of Belize website: www.belize.gov.bz . As proof of participation, tenderers will receive a certificate of their site visit.” Wording has been changed to:
“The minutes of the clarification meeting and the site visit will be published at the Sugar Industry Research and Development Institute (SIRDI) website: http://www.sirdi.bz. As proof of participation, tenderers will receive a certificate of their site visit”.

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follow url вулкан казино велкам 2. Clarification Meeting Minutes
Meeting Name: Clarification and site inspection meeting
Date: May 19, 2017
Start Time: 10:30 a.m.
End Time: 11:15 a.m.
Location: SIRDI conference room and construction site
• Mr. Marcos Osorio, SIRDI EU IPDM Project Coordinator and SIRDI Director
• Mr. Jeffy Gomez, SIRDI EU IPDM Project Manger
• Mr. David Akierman, SIRDI EU IPDM Accountant and Procurement Officer
• Mr. Lucian Chi, SIRDI EU IPDM Head of Unit
• Ms. Lorena Posada, SIRDI Administration
• Mr. Stephen Coleman, Coleman Construction
• Mrs. Carla Coleman, Coleman Construction Administration
• Mr. Liborio Vega, LV & Sons
• Mr. Jose Perera, LV & Sons
• Mr. Robert Usher, Usher Construction
• Mr. David Cruz, JEBCO

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1. Question: Can the deadline for submission be extended?
Answer: No.

казино минска 2. Question: How and where can additional items not included in the BOQ be reported?
Answer: It can be submitted on a separate sheet as an addendum. It can be noted/reported on a BOQ format, once an agreement between contracting authority and contractor has been reached on any additions, an addendum will be made.

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Answer: Yes.

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Answer: Yes.

source link 5. Question: Does SIRDI has security personnel on premises?
Answer: Yes SIRDI has security at the work site, but it’s advisable for the construction company to provide its own security.

онлайн казино вулкан отзывы реальные 2016 6. Question: Will camping site be permitted on premises?
Answer: No, due to security reasons.

go to link 7. Question: Is the project duty and GST exempted?
Answer: Yes, EU funded projects are duty and GST exempted. A formal letter requesting exemption along with a list of materials needed to complete the project must be submitted to the Ministry of Economic Development & Petroleum. The Ministry will then reply to which materials will be exempted. Note: Exemptions are the Ministry’s discretion and not all items are guaranteed to be exempted.

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